Popular Inexpensive Wedding Favors For Your Guests 6

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Favors are a gesture or an expression to say thank you to all the guests by giving them gifts that they can keep forever and that will remind them of their beautiful events. Just like other events, wedding favors are also quite famous and has been given as a gift since hundreds of years. The idea of wedding favors was started by European nobles when they used to give bonbonnieres to their guests at their weddings to show off wealth, status and royalty. A bonbonniere comprises of sugar that was packed in a glass or crystal box. After the devaluation of sugar, almonds were gifted and then sugar-coated almonds and then 5 almonds to represent different emotions or stages in a marriage. To this day, giving wedding favors are custom and almost every couple follows them. A wedding is incomplete without wedding favors. If your wedding is near, then you are probably looking for wedding favor ideas that can go with your wedding theme and can make your guests happier. Weddings are quite expensive and giving wedding favors can burdened a lot of people. So, if you are on a tight budget and you also don’t want to skip this custom then you can give inexpensive wedding favors to your guests also. Choose those wedding favors that look beautiful and expensive, but a lot of money is not spent on them. Nobody wants their guests to leave empty handed and hence we are going to give you 15 Wedding favors for your guests that are budget friendly and that will leave great impression of yours on your guests. Check them out: A Mason Jar full of corn that can become a popcorn later on is a great idea to gift it to your guests. You can also gift drinks with great packing, straw and a thank you note. Go green and inexpensive by gifting plants to your friends. A plant is a great gift that you can gift it to anyone it will grow and if your friends know how to take care of it then it won’t die, and it will keep the air and memories fresh forever. A jar containing jellies and sugar-coated dried peaches would be loved by everyone and your guests will thank you for sure. Brewed coffee beans in a brown paper bag is not only inexpensive but great gift for your friends. A jar full of marshmallows, beans, jellies with cocoa powder layer underneath is a perfect gift that you can give. Candle stands wrapped in a ribbon with a thank you note are everyone’s absolute favorite. Honey is loved by everyone so you can gift it as a wedding favor to your guests also. A hangover kit or a bubble making mixture in a bottle is also adorable gifts that you can gift to your guests. Thank you for reading and do not forget to share. [gallery size="full" columns="1" ids="]

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