Rustic Wedding Decoration 1

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Have you ever heard the saying that says simplicity is key? Well, the saying could not be more correct and true. Here is why. Decorations using the rustic theme basically means that there will be the using of décor that is more or less plain and with a simple fashion and yet achieving a beautiful and unique look. This is also why using the rustic theme for wedding décor is something that you definitely need to do. To achieve this look, there are a few specific materials that you need to incorporate in your rustic wedding décor. To begin with, the rustic theme pops really well when material such as wood and other nature themed objects are used. You can use wood for things such as the arc that the couple stands under for the ceremony, the wood used for the tables should be a natural brown color or a fading white color, or, you can take it a step further by having the wedding in a barn. To be honest with you, the more the wood that in used the better for the décor. Another thing that you need to be precise with when it comes to the rustic theme for wedding décor is the color pattern that you will use. Because the whole point of rustic is simplicity, you can use some simple colors such as white, crème, peach and mainly lighter hues of any color. There can also be use of dashes of darker hues of colors so to complete the color theme. Lastly, the small things do matter. The little detail in the décor has to be precise and go well with the rustic theme. This means that the flowers that are used, the ribbons, the vases and even the lighting matters. You can also use some objects that are farm house related such as wagons, baskets and crates. All this is worth trying out if you want your wedding décor to be unique, beautiful and simple. [gallery size="full" columns="1" ids="]