15 Timeless White Bridal Bouquets

You can never go wrong choosing a classic white wedding bouquet. It all depends on the stem you chose for your bouquet, with a white bouquet you can accomplish any type of style.
Roses give off an air of love and romance, calla lilies which symbolizes faith and rebirth.

Here are some of our favorite white wedding bouquets, to inspire you choose the perfect white wedding bouquets for your big day.

Whimsical Greenery: This garden like bouquet contains white hydrangea, succulents, white mini calla lilies, and some assorted greenery. Perfect for an outdoor summer wedding.
This bouquet can be custom made to accomplish your desire, also substitutions maybe made due to availability of flowers.

White Roses: Violets are blue, Roses are red, erase that!!! Roses are white, violets are blue, yes, white roses are touching and meaningful. Elegant, classic and a perfect way to celebrate. Perhaps you are thinking of something magnificent and mind blowing, white roses, simple hand tied is a perfect idea. A rose bouquet will forever be a perfect choice.

Cascading Orchids Bouquets: These flowers are instantly identified as statement making stems. They are beautiful and they are also available almost at anytime of the year. Which mean no matter when your wedding is you can go for cascading orchids.

Rustic Winter Accent Bouquet: Having a Christmas wedding or your wedding is just in any of the winter months. Winter is one of the most romantic season of the year to plan your wedding.And also rustic winter accent bouquet is one perfect choice for your bouquet.

White Blush Bouquet: This is a perfect and romantic bouquet for a garden wedding. Blush and soft pink and white bouquets. Pink blush + white = bouquet.

Modern Accents: Flowers: Roses (with black bouquet pins). Clean and simple floral design, elegant and trendy. A standout bloom, with a touch of romance.

Romantic Blooms: Flowers: Orchids, calla lilies, roses and hydrangeas. This wedding bouquets are perfect for any wedding style or theme. The flowers used in making this bouquet are the most popular flowers for any wedding bouquets.

What do wedding flowers symbolize?
The color of the wedding flowers play a substantial role in the meaning of the flowers too. Everyone’s favorite wedding flower ROSE. Has different meaning depending on the color.
A red rose symbolizes passion. A white rose symbolizes purity and a fresh start. A pink rose symbolizes joy and admiration.

What are the most expensive wedding flowers?
Casablanca lilies, hydrangeas, lily of the valley, ponies, and gardenias, are the most expensive flowers.
Most affordable: Stock roses and peonies.

In this articles I have not only shared with you white wedding bouquets ideas, but also their meanings and what they symbolize. All the best in your wedding preparations. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share.