15 Simple Black Nail Art Designs that Anyone can Try

Our hands are always working, and they are in constant motion and because of this they get a lot of attention. If our hands are dirty and nails are not trimmed and shaped, then they put very bad effect on other people. Your hands should always be cleaned and groomed. To make your hands look prettier you can go for a manicure and you can also paint your nails.
Painting your nails isn’t a difficult task anyone can do it quite easily. You can paint your nails using different nail colors and nail art designs. Some people find it difficult to apply various nail art designs because they think they can’t do it properly. Black nail color is loved by everyone as they make hands look fairer and prettier. Almost every woman loves to wear black nail colors and hence we have brought five simple nail art designs that you can try easily even if you aren’t a professional nail art designer. Try them out.
This is easiest to do, just grab your favorite glitter nail color and apply it near cuticles and let them dry then after this cover them up with paper cut into circular shape and then apply black nail color on it and voila you have a great nail art design.
Grab a black nail color and draw white dots with the help of bobby pin, also make stars with it. Another easiest design is to take black and nude matte nail colors and apply them together to see a cool combination. Then take small beads in black color and stick them with glue on one nail.
Apply black nail color on your nails and then grab a golden nail color and make three small dots in vertical position.
Take black matte nail color and apply it on all nail colors and then make polka dot design by the help of it. You can also combine cheetah print with black nail colors and they will look absolutely cool and stunning. Marble nail art designs are so easy to do, and you can also do the same using black nail color.
Paint all your nails black and then take small beads and apply glue on It and stick it on the nails in similar position and you will be amazed to see your masterpiece. Make zebra print by using black and white nail colors or make small ribbons with the help of both colors.
Another thing you can try with black nail color is to paint all your nails black and then sprinkle glitter on the top and you would love it. Paint your nails with silver color and then leave space at cuticle and apply black nail color on the rest of your nails or you can do the opposite by painting the tips in golden color and applying black nail color on the rest.

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