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A wedding favor is a gift or present given to the guests as a gesture to say thank you to your guests for attending your wedding ceremony. This trend was started by European aristocrats at their weddings to give bonbonniere to their guests. It included sugar that was packed in a box made of crystal and it showed their wealth and power. Then sugar was replaced by almonds when sugar’s value dropped and after almonds sugar coated almonds were given as a gift. The idea of giving wedding favors is old and it still present in our culture. So, if your wedding is near, then you are probably finding ideas what you can gift to your guests. The type of wedding favor given to the guests says a lot about your mannerism and personality so wedding favors should be chosen wisely and timely. You can make wedding favors for your guests if you are on tight budget and you can also buy them if you want. Mason Jar Wedding Favors are trending a lot and they are liked by everyone also. They not only serve their great purpose as wedding favors but can also enhance decoration at your wedding. People love them because they can be also used as decoration piece at their homes and they can be used for years. Mason Jar Wedding Favors can also be used to put a lot of items afterwards as your guests can store anything they want, and it will help them to recall their beautiful memories they made at your wedding. Following are 15 Mason Jar Wedding Favors pictures that you can either make or order one for your guests. Take a mason jar and put nail paints, lip glosses and other makeup items in it and pack it with a ribbon and gift it to your girlfriends. A simple mason jar that is knotted with a brown rope with a thank you note will be liked by all guests. A jar with different flavors of juice and candies would surely leave everyone in awe. Mason jar full of candies, spoon and a thank you note is the cutest wedding favor that you can ever gift to someone. A jar full of different colors of mint candies is a great thank you gift. A mason jar that has few doughnuts in it would be loved by every foodie at your event. If your friends like unique ideas, then write a simple note on the jar and add their favorite flavored drink in it and give it to them. They will drink it and keep the cute jar with them for the rest of their lives. To show off your great choice and royalty, a jar full of marshmallows, candies, chocolates, dry fruits with a thank you note should be at your wedding. Thank you for reading and do not forget to share. [gallery size="full" columns="1" ids="]

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