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Wedding day is one of the important days in our lives. As some people believe it is a once in a lifetime event. And would like to go all out to make it, classy and unique. The most important thing in any wedding apart from the ring and the bride's wedding dress is the wedding cake. This goes a long way in showing what kind of wedding it is. A lot of brides go all out for their wedding cakes, they spend a lot of money getting the best baker for their wedding cakes. Because it has to be perfect. Why choose a black and white wedding cake??? Black and white together is a distinguished color. Thinking about what colour that cake should be?? You should definitely go (BLACK AND WHITE) . Black and white is an unfading color mixture, that has continued to be an ageless trend in cake decoration. Black and white wedding cake decoration, is simply magnificent, amazing and mind blowing, this color combined together is beautiful and charming. Types of black and white wedding cake: Black and white stripped wedding cake. Silhouette flowers black and white cake. Black and white houndstooth cake. Black and white flower covered wedding cake. White lace overlay floral white and black cake. These cakes listed above are amazingly beautiful and mind-blowing. Different types of cake flavors. Chocolate. Vanilla. White. Red velvet. Spice. Marble. Lemon. Coconut. Lemon. Funfetti. These flavors are the the most common ones, but of course are not the only cake flavors. Whatever your choice may be the decoration is the most important part. Thinking about baking your wedding cake yourself??? Yes, you can do it. If you are a baker there is no harm in baking your own wedding cake, but if you are not you might want to get a professional. Best flavor combination for wedding cake: One of the best things when it comes to planning wedding, is the cake tasting and making the final decision on what flavor the cake should be. However I think at the end of the day the cake flavor should be the bride and groom's choice, because the day is all about celebrating the two lovebirds. Here is a list of the best wedding cake flavor combination: Salted caramel cake. Chocolate raspberry truffle cake. Chocolate cappuccino torte. Caramel apple cake. Lemon summer berry. Cafe latte cake. Hope you find a perfect combo for your wedding cake. Thank you for reading and do not forget to share. [gallery size="full" columns="1" ids="]

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