Easy-to-Make DIY Wedding Favors 6

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Favors are gift given to guests for attending a party or a ceremony and similarly to this, wedding favors are those gifts that are given by bride and groom to all the guests as a gesture to thank them. A favor is basically an easiest mean to say thanks to all the guests present. If you are planning for a wedding, then favors would be surely in the list. A wedding is really incomplete without favors and it doesn’t look good to say good bye to guests without any gift. You can either buy wedding favors for your guests or if you are on a tight budget then you can easily make them. Wedding favors are not only a mean to say thank you, but they are also a reminder of beautiful memories your guests have collected at your event. The history of giving favors dates back to first European civilization where sugar was given to show royalty and prosperity. Since then, every person wants to give favors to thank their guests for coming at their memorable day. If other wedding preparations have cost, you a lot and you also want to gift favors to your guests then you can easily make them at home. We are going to tell you about 15 DIY Wedding favors ideas that are quite easy to make and don’t even take a lot of time. Take a handkerchief put whatever you want to gift to your guest and then make the shape of the box and wrap it and then tie it with a rope for a vintage look. You can also take jar, write a thank you note and pack it using cloth and ribbon. Another idea is to take small plastic wraps, add things in them and staple it with a note saying thank you. You can also give your guests DIY pepper bottles and adding unique spices in them, don’t forget to mention what these bottles contain and do say thank you while handing this gift over. Another great idea is to buy table matts, then wrap them in a cone shape and tie it with a button. After making a cone, add notes or small pieces of paper to say thank you to your guests. Take small bottles or jars and add different flavors of Cocoa powder and gift it to your guests. One more idea is to give your guests bubble making pieces or a painted cone in a box with a thank you note. You can also make your own candle stand by using cups. Gift eatable items like marshmallows, biscuits and chocolates or even lollipops attached with the pictures You can also coat marshmallows with different coatings and serve it to your guests. Check the images below to get an idea of how to make your own wedding favors. Thank you for reading and do not forget to share. [gallery size="full" columns="1" ids="]

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