15 Discover Your Favorite Blue Wedding Cake

Ever thought about having a blue wedding cake? This thought might have actually come across the mind of blue lovers. Even if you are not really a big fan of blue you might want to consider this color for your wedding cake design. It is really beautiful and unique, another thing about blue is that it is one of the few colors that has a lot of different shades from: Navy blue, to sky blue, powder blue, and many more shades of blue.
In this article I will be sharing with you some of the best blue wedding cake ideas, different size, shape, decoration, and designs, so that you have a large variety of ideas to choose the best blue wedding cake for you. The cake does not necessarily have to be all blue, it might just have a touch of blue. An all blue cake is for blue lovers, but for someone who is not really a lover of blue it can just be any color with a touch of blue.
The ideas are endless and will be of help, you can even mix two or three colors together: Blue, black, and white, for example is a perfect combination, yellow and blue, white and blue, and so many color combinations. It all depends on what you want, as long as they make your cake look perfect.

Types of blue wedding cakes.
Here are some types of blue wedding cakes you might want to consider for your big day.
Blue Rosette Wedding Cake.
Two Tire Blue Roses Wedding Cake.
Blue Damask Pattern Wedding Cake.
Pastel Pink and Navy Blue Decorated wedding cake.
Blue Peony Butter cream Wedding Cake.
Royal Blue and Yellow Wedding Cake.
Powder blue and white tiered cake with multicoloured cake flowers.
Classic tiered wedding cake with blue peony flower decoration by the cake plate.
Powder blue and chic white three tiered wedding cake.

The types of blue wedding cakes listed above are just a few of all the countless available design and color mixing you can use for your blue wedding cake.
Every bride wants a great fairy tale wedding. Picking the most suitable shade of blue and also mixing properly is very important.

Different flavors for wedding cakes.
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cake.
Tuxedo Torte.
Salted Caramel Cake.
Lemon Summer Berry.
Fresh Strawberries & Cream Cake.

Thank you for reading, I hope this article was helpful and please do not forget to share. Bye.