15 Creative Rustic Wedding Cakes Ideas

If you are looking to do something absolutely different for a wedding, you can surely give rustic wedding cakes a try. Rustic wedding decorations are quite stylish, creative and are not usually done, and this means the wedding that you plan to use this theme will be one of a kind. I know it might seem like a rustic wedding cake is strange, but, it really works wonders! By using this theme for wedding cakes, you will be able to achieve a simple yet elegant looking cake that can easily be placed as part of the wedding décor.
To achieve the rustic look on wedding cakes, you can simply use some simple colors such as peach, lavender and pale pine and other colors of similar tone. You can add a little more color by adding a little piece of decoration onto the cake, which has a popping color, such as red, violet, or dark blue even. You can partially ice the cake or powder the cake with white flour or some baking sugar so that the rustic look is properly made.
You will realize that rustic theme has a lot to do with simple colors and bringing in bits and pieces of nature into the décor. For a rustic wedding cake, you can do this by decorating the cake with objects such as flowers, leaves, pine cones and even fir tree bits. You can complete the rustic look by placing the cake on a holder that looks natural, such as a wooden tray, pacing the cake on a barrel, or even placing the cake on a custom made platform made from a cut off branch or tree trunk. If you use a wooden cake holder, you can leave it in its natural wooden color so to make the cake look better and a lot more rustic.