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Thinking about eloping to some hot country to get married to the love of your life on the beach? Tropical weddings are so colorful, brights and beautiful, just like getting married in a paradise. Do not hesitate to mix bold colors. In this article I will be sharing with you some amazing tropical wedding bouquets. That will help you highlight, making your tropical wedding beautiful and colorful. With Orchids: Callas, proteas, lilies, giant tropical leaves. Try get more and more exotic flowers for your tropical wedding bouquet and do not be afraid to mix colors!! Blue, red, yellow, green, pink, orange. Make a contrast with your white wedding dress, another idea is to rock another color instead of white, for the very stylish and breathtaking look. It can be so difficult to choose a wedding bouquet so you should start with deciding what exotic flowers you like the most, once you have decided on that it will be much more easier to perfect the bouquet for your wedding ceremony. I am so sure you will be very pleased and happy with your decision to go for a tropical wedding bouquet, because they come in really bright colors, are available all year round and they look chic, stylish, classy and modern. After all no one wants to be old fashioned especially when it comes to the big day. Flowers to include in your tropical bouquets. Lobster Claw: (Heliconia rostrata), this plant is related to bananas, cannas, and ginger, heliconia leaves resemble lobster claw, thus the name lobster claw,may be found in red, yellow or orange. Maraca Ginger (Zingiber spectabilis): This flower is often referred to as the beehive because of its ornamental shape, this flower is popularly used in the tropical bouquet. Bromeliad: Bromeliad plants add exotic touch to any arrangement, they can be spiky, soft, flat or thin. Leaf colors green,yellow, red, maroon, and more. Tropical Foliage: With every tropical arrangement comes the selection of foliage, that is also tropical in nature. Soak your foliage correctly for several hours before arranging it even if cut from fresh from your garden. Majesty palm: Considering the name of this flower we know they are palm tree leaves comprised of diverse variety. Providing a great background to pink, red, orange, and yellow. They are very perfect for your tropical bouquets. Tropical bouquets do not need any type of perfect or special arrangement, which means you can arrange them yourself. They are beautiful, colorful and classy. In this article I only shared few flowers that can be used, there are other flowers than can be included in your tropical bouquet, it all depends on what you want. Thank you for reading and do not forget to share. [gallery size="full" columns="1" ids="]

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